Winter 2021: Ihanilla-earring, gold


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Winter 2021 
Would you like something new for winter? We have added new colors for the winter: red, silver and gold. Earrings are always painted by order so Winter earrings processing time is 2-4 business days. New colors are available 1.11.-2021-31.1.2022.

Korvakorun materiaalit: Suomalainen koivuvaneri, käsinmaalattu kultaiseksi
Earring hook: Stainless steel, silver plated, goldenplated (When placing the order you can change the hooks into sterling silver)
Height (including the hook): 7,3cm
Thickness: 3mm

You can find more about our materials here Materials of Jewellery (In Finnish)

Don’t use jewelry in excess heat or humidity! Jewelry caring tips (In Finnish)

Made in Finland

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