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Frequently asked questions

We try to process all orders in the next business day, but depending on situtation it can take to 1-3 business day. Special colors are painted by order so processing time for them is 2-4 business days. Your package is sent by Posti and they define how loger it takes to your package to be delivered.

In wooden jewellery we use Finnish birch and in stone jewellery Finnish granite and dolomite marble and italian marble.

By default we use stainless steel in our jewelry chains, studs and in hooks. Stainless steel is commonly used in jewelry and safe to use. Stainless steel usually has small amounts nickel, but in a form that doesn't release them to the user. If you have nickel allergy we recommend to change hooks to sterling silver. Sterling silver hooks are available for every earring.

Golden jewelry uses goldenplated materials. Hooks include 62,8% of copper, 36,1% of zinc and 1,1% of gold. Hooks don't include nickel. Unfortunately we don't have fully golden materials, but you can always choose sterling silver hooks if you are worried. Sterling silver color is silver so it may be highlighted when other parts are gold-colored.

If you are interested in the topic you can find more information at our blog!

None of our hooks or studs doesn't have nickel, but we recommend to use sterling silver hooks and stud if you have nickel allergy. All our jewelry are available in sterling hooks or studs.

Stone parts are 3mm thicks and for that they don't weight much. You can compare their weight to large wooden jewelry.

We are sorry about the mistake!<3

Send us a photo od the faulty or broken earring via email to

If you earring broke in use tell us what cause it. We use this information to make our jewelry better in the future and for that information is very important.

Please note that jewelry won't survive excessive heat or humity. For example don't go to sauna wearing jewelry.

All jewellery has been made in Finland. Wooden part are cut in Hauho and stone parts are made in Sastamala. The final product is made in Tampere.

Unfortunately We do not grant so-called hygiene products (such as earrings) a right of return or exchange, as these products can no longer be resold after return. Under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, there is no right of withdrawal if the contract relates to goods which, by their nature, cannot be returned for resale.

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