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Ihanilla puu ja kivi korvakorut


Our basic idea is to spread joy and good to other people around us while telling a story. Ihanilla-collection was created on from these ideas. The shapes in this collection were designed to represent simple and timeless beauty, that suits all styles and with every person. Even though our values are sustainable design and using natural materials we want our jewellery to be chosen because of their beautiful appearance. Of course, the fact that our jewellery are environmentally friendly is always a welcome byproduct. We also want to be transparent in our material choices, and for that reason we use in our stone jewellery two Finnish rocks: granite and dolomite marble. Also we use Italian white marble. Our wooden products are made from Finnish birch.

Ihanilla-mallistoon haetut muodot ovat universaaleja ja moderneja, vaikka osan inspiraation lähde on syntynyt jo satoja vuosia sitten. Malliston jokaisen korun takana on tarina, joka levittää perusajatustamme hyvän ja yhteisöllisyyden levittämisestä. Esimerkiksi Kannuksenpyörä-korun muoto on ennen vanhaan uskottu edustavan aurinkoa. 

We wanted to bring a part of the past into the collection to make people curious of the previous cultures and find out more about them. When you look at good things from the past we can bring magical stories into part of our life and culture today. Still, it is important to remember that even though the inspiration of the collection comes from the past we changed it to be modern and to fit our values of today.

Ihanilla Pesä-korvakorut

Natural Materials

We want to be transparent with our material choices and encourage people everywhere to think about responsibility when purchasing things without compromising the quality. We find it important to use materials that there are plenty in our environment and that is why we have chosen Finnish birch and stone to our jewellery.

Our first choice in materials is always that they are from Finland. Currently Ihanilla collection has only one stone material that is not from Finland but from Italy. We still work hard so in the future all our materials would be from Finland. 

Let's Support Each Other

By choosing Ihanilla products you support a small business and via it many Finnish businesses. When making our jewellery we use other Finnish businesses. When you choose us you also help them via us.

We prefer Finnish services so you can support jobs in different fields. For example, our stones and wooden parts are cut into their shapes in different parts of Finland.

We want to work with more businesses in the future so if you see an opportunity for collaboration or you want to resell our products please get in touch!

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